The National Intervention Media Service: Film and television with interference.
2011. Video broadcast. TV, animation, (3) single-channel video emitted into the street.

“People who had access to televisions enjoyed the new media immediately, and for those who couldn’t afford them, the government installed televisions in some store windows of Bogota and Medellin where many enjoyed the event.” (History of Television in Colombia)

The National Intervention Media Service is an office from the sixties which works anachronistically since 2010. Its an information agency and a time metaphor. The office works as a sixteen millimeter film projector and understands the history with the logic of this mechanism. This agency was made in the place where were located an abandoned Colombian sixties and seventies TV news archive, so it means that its created from the archive concept; if it has a “place” it would be the archive itself. The Agency transmits buried broadcasts, about news that today aren’t too official. (Read More)

At La vitrina in “Lugar a dudas” independent art space in Cali, Colombia, a grill television comes with an animation and three TV News chapters, developed by the National Intervention Media Service. The old fashioned TV turns on automatically during the usual time news: Monday to Sunday at 12:30. and at 7:00 pm.

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