83 cups without water crossing the street


This action seeks to link the history of a place with a specific event. Bogota’s history has a relation with San Francisco river which is the place of its birth. The intersection of two lines (line of conquest, line drawn by the river) is the point of origin of life in the territory.  The absence of water in the cups, relates to the absence of the river and It also corresponds to the absence of memory and history of this specific place.

In the crosswalk of the jiménez street with seventh avenue in Bogota, a line of people passed hand to hand “83 cups without water” from side to side of the street (“from side to side of the river”). The number of cups corresponds to the time that the river has been under the road. When it reaches the other side each cup is delivered to the passerby. The cups contain a label citing historical facts occurred in relation to the river and development of the city, from the building of the first bridge and its subsequent decline until the exploitation of water resources by private agents at the end of XIX century.

Registro fotográfico: Camila Currea – Esteban Álvarez

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